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New Communities, Team Thrive

Bringing the boutique experience to Portland, OR

Mayo 4, 2023

We’ve recently partnered with a new client in Portland to oversee their six boutique, art-centric communities throughout the region. Each of these communities is unique, catering to the needs of various lifestyles. Still, all of them share a modern yet comfortable aesthetic that flows perfectly with the energy of Portland.


These six communities bring Thrive’s total presence in the Portland area to 16 communities. As the area grows and attracts new residents, the demand for quality, innovative property management services has increased. We have risen to meet this demand, offering a boutique approach to property management designed to meet the diverse needs of residents and property owners in the area.

“We are incredibly excited about our expansion into the Portland market,” said Torri Magee, Thrive’s Vice President of Property Management & Client Services. “From day one, we’ve broken away from industry norms with a belief in creating something different. We believe this philosophy will resonate with residents in Portland and allow us to stand out amongst other property management providers.”

Lydia James, a Regional Manager for Thrive, has worked in the Portland market for over seven years and has a key role in expanding our portfolio and supporting the growing Portland team. “I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that really wants to rally with the unique developments in Portland and be a part of the positive changes we’ve seen.”

Thanks to the expertise of long-term Portlanders like Lydia and our 40+ associates in the area, we have expanded into multiple neighborhoods in and around Portland, where the boutique experience is a refreshing change from the norm.

“It’s been really special to keep the local business mindset activated in Portland,” continued Lydia. “We can express creativity, individualism, and innovative ideas. Thrive’s culture aligns so well with the atmosphere here.”