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Keelson is Now Ellinor Ballard

July 25, 2023

MacNaughton recently unveiled their latest renovation and rebrand project in an exciting development that aims to redefine the standard of city living. Formerly known as Keelson Ballard, a well-known apartment building in the heart of one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods, the community is proud to announce its new name: Ellinor Ballard.

Drawing inspiration from the majestic Mount Ellinor, a 6,000 ft. peak situated in the Olympic Mountains, the community’s new name is a fitting tribute to the natural splendor that surrounds it. With its new brand identity, Ellinor Ballard seeks to establish a stronger connection between its urban setting and the serene beauty of nature, encouraging the blend of city life and the great outdoors. The Ballard neighborhood itself served as a profound inspiration in this endeavor.

“We recognized the need to go beyond bricks and mortar, to tell a more relatable story – one that meant something to our current and future residents,” said Emily Reber Porter, COO at MacNaughton. “Our mission throughout this project has been to nurture a community that fosters genuine connection and embraces the unique spirit of Ballard.”

MacNaughton leveraged their existing relationship with Thrive Communities to bring this vision to life. Thrive’s Marketing team led the naming and branding process, crafting the new identity to ensure it resonated with prospective residents in a way that aligned with MacNaughton’s goal: To create a community that harmoniously combined the bustling cityscape of Seattle with the allure of the natural world.

“During the summer months, the whole of the Olympics, including Mount Ellinor, is visible from across Puget Sound, making it the perfect inspiration for this community,” explained Jordan Restad, Creative Marketing Manager at Thrive Communities and the creator of the Ellinor Ballard brand. “The branding feels soft and calming, much like Elliot Bay. The wave elements and curved double ‘L’ in the logo mimic the motion of the water, and the blue tones and soft neutrals of the color palette play into the mountain and water scenery visible on a clear day.”

“Ellinor Ballard is meant to be both a restful retreat from the fast pace of the city and an inspiration for getting out and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest,” Jordan continued. “The branding is there to help visually represent that idea.”

Physical renovation efforts were led by Thrive’s sister company, Thrive Developments, who worked in close cooperation with MacNaughton to execute their vision. In drafting plans to optimize the impact of the renovation project, their team focused on three key areas: the rooftop plaza, the lobby, and the leasing office. With construction now complete, both Thrive and MacNaughton feel their objectives were achieved.

“Our vision for Ellinor Ballard extended far beyond the mere construction elements,” said Ian MacNaughton, CEO of MacNaughton. “We have always been committed to creating and nurturing communities where individuals can flourish, connect and forge lasting memories. This project was driven by that very commitment.”

The end result is a cohesive atmosphere that effortlessly captures the vibrancy and spirit of the neighborhood and surrounding landscapes.


Throughout this transformation process, the leasing and maintenance teams have continued to express their deep appreciation for the support and patience exhibited by their residents. The entire Ellinor Ballard team is confident that the implemented changes will inspire and invigorate current and future residents, setting the stage for a remarkable new chapter in the community’s history.

For more information on leasing at Ellinor Ballard or to see more photos of the renovation, please visit or call the leasing team at (206) 604-4356.