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UNION: A one-of-a-kind art experience on Capitol Hill

Tháng Hai 3, 2023

Woodworth Apartments, one of SeaLevel Properties’ premier developments, has become more than just an elegant boutique residence for Seattleites on Capitol Hill. The community is also playing host to UNION, a sixty-foot-tall projected art installation featuring six local artists’ rotation of artwork. Each artist’s exhibition will last two months, and Jonathan Soren Davidson’s colorful and thought-provoking work is the first to illuminate the southern face of the building.

“I want to invite those who interact with my work to imagine futures of abundance, intimacy and liberation. One of the pieces I’m sharing was created as a part of a project imagining parties at the end of gender normativity,” says Soren Davidson of their creation, Interstellar. “At the end of the gender binary, across time and space, how would we celebrate? What new forms of connection and transcendence might be possible?”

Interstellar by Jonathan Soren Davidson

The five other UNION artists will have their work displayed in the coming months.

AI-CHUN Huang (April 1 – May 31)

Antonio Pulgarin (June 1 – July 31)

BT (Brandon Thomas) (August 1 – September 30)

Kelly O (October 1 – November 30)

Perri Rhoden (December 1 – January 31, 2024)

These talented artists were selected by a group of industry professionals, chosen among dozens of potential participants based on their remarkable portfolios and their ties to the neighborhood.

“What an absolute pleasure it was being on the selection committee for this project alongside such wonderful peers, I’m excited for the public to enjoy 2023’s artist roster. The wide variety of artistic vision, and the engaging stories that each artist brought to the table speaks to our city’s incredibly talented and diverse community. It also made choosing only six artists for this rotation very, very challenging!” says Laurie Kearny, from Capitol Hill Art Walk and Ghost Gallery.

The vision for this project came to light well over three years ago as the construction of Woodworth Apartments began. “Given the site constraints, we knew we would end up with a blank wall that provided an opportunity for large-scale artwork,” says Kyle Weeks, Director of Multifamily Development at SeaLevel Properties. An artistic collaboration with the Capitol Hill Arts District (CHAD), a well-known and well-loved local arts and cultural organization, was the clear decision.

“From the beginning, we wanted this to be reserved for local artists and community creativity,” continued Weeks. “Partnering with CHAD and Sensebellum to make that happen has been incredible. We are excited for this to be a canvas utilized by local artists for years to come.”

Woodworth Apartments and UNION will now be a regular stop on the highly esteemed Capitol Hill Art Walk, occurring on the second Thursday of every month. However, residents, neighbors and lovers of art are invited to come and experience this unique display on the corner of 10th Ave & Seneca St, from dusk to midnight, every night through January 2024.